Keith Hemmer (or Captain Progwash as he is also known) story began many, many years ago in 1962. Born of Geordie stock with just a hint of Germanic ancestry, in the historic town of Jarrow.

He did the usual growing up stuff, school, work, and more work. After many years he found himself out of work and at a loose end. So he became a volunteer with Hive Radio. Now it’s coming up to five years with Hive, and he has established a regular live show.

His music is varied but with a lean towards classic rock, of the 70's period onward. He tries to include a long song from a prog rock band, coz he loves prog.

Chris Trew is a fifty-something music obsessive who also promotes live music in Newcastle under the name of “Prancey Dog”.  Lacking any musical ability of his own, he is happy to live his dreams through the talent of others!

Chris’s first record was “I’m The Urban Spaceman” by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, a song that he loves as much now as he did as a five year old.

Chris is a huge fan of The Fall, Tom Waits, Melt-Banana and Nick Cave, but tends to invest most of his time and money in new music.  Presenting “Sausages” on Hive Radio allows him to inflict his wide-ranging and fickle tastes on an unsuspecting public.

Ben Hudson presents the Folk Programme on Hive Radio. He tries to play the music that he listens to himself. This sounds a little self-indulgent but it’s his programme! He is hoping that the music he plays will have the same effect on listeners that it has on him. It has always inspired him and influenced him as a musician. He plays quite an eclectic mix as he not only enjoys traditional music from around the world, but also cross-over music where different genres are mixed together.  Apart from folk music he also listens to a lot of electronic; American acoustic music and punk and post punk; however he will save these for another show.

The Deuce Show is a one hour radio show presented by Matt Barker and features bands and artists promoted by Deuce. The show is currently being broadcast on over 30 radio stations worldwide.


Trevor Johnson

Another Music In A Different Kitchen is centred around the genre of punk rock, focusing on alternative music that was born out of and inspired by the 1970's punk rock scene. Much of the music broadcast on the show, as Trevor puts it, “was eventually squeezed into genres such as Goth or industrial, but a considerable amount unable to be defined as anything other than post-punk”.

Each show’s play list is carefully devised by Trevor Johnson to highlight the diversity of the genre’s sound, bringing tracks together that may not on paper, but ultimately work to complement each other, as well as to highlight the innovation that the genre brought to music;

Although most shows are a two-hour mixture of music, guests also occasionally appear on Another Music In A Different Kitchen, and usually have an association with the bustling North East punk rock and alternative scene of the late 1970's and early 1980’s.

Ultimately, Another Music In A Different Kitchen scratches beneath the surface of an era in music that is often skimmed over and simplified by modern commentators and magazines, whose historical account often ignores the smaller, yet crucial pieces of the jigsaw that the show highlights and gives exposure to in the 21st Century.

Colin Muirhead is the presenter of Jazz on the Tyne.  Colin got into jazz during a spell working in the US in the early 1990s and has been passionate about it ever since.  So much so that he went to the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland 13 times – and wrote a book about this!  His aim on Jazz on the Tyne is to play jazz of all types, performed by local, national and international musicians.  As Duke Ellington said, there are simply two types of music: “good music and the other kind”.  And you’ll hear only great music on Jazz on the Tyne!  The show also features what’s on locally jazzwise.  Please contact Jazz on the Tyne via Twitter @jazz_tyne – Colin would love to hear from you!

Trev Reed is a Northumbrian musician who has been playing music in public since 1972. He is a singer/songwriter who has also been a member of various rock and folk bands and is currently in a duo. He has released many solo records and CDs over the years. He also spent some years writing background music for a drama company based in Newcastle. Trev has been a regular face at many folk festivals around the country and has been a session player on CDs by three other artistes. Always loving music, with a passion for the 1960’s, he became a presenter on a small radio station in November 2016. Unfortunately, after presenting seven three-hour live shows, the station folded. Keen to do more radio work he approached Hive radio and was given his own ‘swinging 60’s‘show in January 2017.

Kevin Lock.  With a history of involvement in music that ranges from writing for punk fanzines in the 1970s, through selling records on market stalls, to recording a number of albums that you won't have heard of (and I promise not to play, unless you're very naughty...) it was probably inevitable that I would gravitate sooner or later to producing a radio show.  So here it is, for better or for worse - Radio Frankenstein International.  Its brief is to play music that is too often ignored by much of the mainstream media, ranging from Experimental and Modern Classical, through Reggae, Northern Soul, Jazz, Spoken Word, Doo Wop....and stuff that defies classification.  Think of the programme as a free-form, eclectic sound-collage - and if you don't like what's playing right now, stick around anyway because the next item may be completely different.  Credit where due : I'm merely the producer of the show, which is actually presented by Hazel, a disembodied cyber-entity who would rather be working for Radio 3, but times are hard and you have to take what you can get.

A playlist for each programme will be published at :

where you can also leave comments, etc.

Trudy Brown and Derek Peters.  Two members of the News Team based at Ocean Road Community Centre in South Shields.  Trudy and Derek present a news programme and request show on a Friday once a month.

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