Our schedule includes a mix of Interviews, Features, Audio Drama, Spoken Word and Music. Our aim is to give people a voice, a platform and the opportunity to make and listen to radio programmes that matter to them, entertain and inspire them. Hive is committed to and passionate about making radio shows that people want to listen to and in championing their cultural heritage.




You will find all of our programmes via the link below. Please be sure to subscribe so that you receive an alert when a new show is published.




If you would like to listen to Hive Radio when we are not on air, you can listen to our podcasts on Mixcloud

Mental Health - Realities Podcast
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Legislation - Realities Podcast
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Culture Shock - Realities Podcast
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Health Service - Realities Podcast
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Leaving Home To Come To England - Realities Podcast
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Below are samples of some of the projects we have been involved in and the videos taken to publicise them.

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