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  • Presentation

  • Research

  • Working to time

  • Script writing               

  • Speaking and listening

  • Addressing an audience

  • Team work  

  • Interviewing

  • Confidence building

Team Building
Radio Workshops
Hive Radio

Students can demonstrate understanding of an area of the curriculum by creating content for a radio show.  An endless range of subject areas can be readily brought to life through the medium of radio.  Imagine a radio show on what pupils have been studying rather than the standard essay, report or slide-show presentation. Our unique offer also gives your students the opportunity to listen to the programme they created with their families in their own home via the internet.

“Home Is Where The Heart Is” is a project with the aim of giving a voice to isolated individuals through the telling of their stories and involving them in participatory arts activities to write songs, create music (or another piece of artwork) that illustrate their stories. The project involves creating a musical soundscape or other art form and being part of a radio documentary.

Big Local Central Jarrow
Workshop participants
"Have learnt a lot about making digital stories. Very useful techniques and all done at a nice pace".
"It felt good to learn new skills; had some fun too.  All very worthwhile and useful in my work".
Caroline Mitchell

University of Sunderland


“The morning after the (Home Is Where The Heart Is) concert I woke up, really I was still thinking about it, and what impressed me was the combination of the quality of the music you had devised and then the interaction between everybody, and the sheer enjoyment and participation on their faces. You could tell even if they weren’t singing, they were talking along to the words, they were looking, they were happy, it was the combination of that quality of music, it reminded me of Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl type ballads about actually focused on everyday stories and lives but unique stories, and that the people singing them themselves so soon after they had told their stories I think was really really important and special.”

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