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Keith’s story began many, many years ago in 1962. Born of Geordie stock with just a hint of Germanic ancestry, in the historic town of Jarrow.

He did the usual growing up stuff, school, work, and more work. After many years he found himself out of work and at a loose end. So he became a volunteer with Hive Radio. Now it’s coming up to four years with Hive, and he has established a regular live show.

His music is varied but with a lean towards classic rock, of the 70's period onwards. He tries to include a long song from a prog rock band, coz he loves prog.

Keith Hemmer

Hive Radio Presenter Chris Trew

Chris Trew is a fifty-something music obsessive who also promotes live music in Newcastle under the name of “Prancey Dog”.  Lacking any musical ability of his own, he is happy to live his dreams through the talent of others!

Chris’s first record was “I’m The Urban Spaceman” by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, a song that he loves as much now as he did as a five year old.

Chris is a huge fan of The Fall, Tom Waits, Melt-Banana and Nick Cave, but tends to invest most of his time and money in new music.  Presenting “Sausages” on Hive Radio allows him to inflict his wide-ranging and fickle tastes on an unsuspecting public.

Chris Trew

Hive Radio Presenter Ben Hudson

Ben Hudson

Ben Hudson presents the Folk Programme on Hive Radio. He tries to play the music that he listens to himself. This sounds a little self-indulgent but it’s his programme! He is hoping that the music he plays will have the same effect on listeners that it has on him. It has always inspired him and influenced him as a musician. He plays quite an eclectic mix as he not only enjoys traditional music from around the world, but also cross-over music where different genres are mixed together.  Apart from folk music he also listens to a lot of electronic; American acoustic music and punk and post punk; however he will save these for another show.