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Hive Radio is now featured on Radio Garden, a new global radio guide that allows users to click on a virtual globe and to listen to live music and stories from around the world.

Please check it out at: http://radio.garden/

Listen to Hive Radio on Radio Garden at: http://radio.garden/stories/jarrow/hive-radio/

There are four options that you can choose Live, Jingles, History, Stories.  At the moment Hive Radio is under the ‘Stories’ option but we will be having this changed to include the ‘Live’ option very soon.

We have been working with Jarrow Big Local to help in the monitoring and evaluation of several projects that they have supported.  We have met with many groups across the Central Jarrow area and we have interviewed participants and beneficiaries as part of this process.  We have also attended several events that the Jarrow Big Local have hosted.  We we at the Jarrow Big Local meeting and they have approved our work so far and we are now able to share some of the work that we have done.

We attended the Jarrow Big Local Christmas Party and the following is a link to the video we made:


We have also worked alongside the YMCA and their outreach programme in central Jarrow.  The following link is the video we made with the young people who access the project and the staff who support them:


New documentary and new interviews

On Sunday 16th April between 12.00 and 1.00pm Hive Radio will broadcast the documentary we made as part of the Home Is Where The Heart Is project. The documentary features interviews with all of the project's participants and the songs that Clare Hunt and Ben Hudson created with them. We are very proud of the project and particularly proud of the documentary.

We have four brand new interviews and a brand new music programme on Hive Radio.  We spoke to Rob Barnes who is hosting a poetry event at the Word in South Shields, based on the poetry of Cicely Fox Smith.  Rob came in to our studio to talk about this little known poet and the event at the Word he is hosting on 22nd April 2017 and is entitled ‘A War Poet Who Never Went To War’.  We also spoke to local storyteller, author and musician Tony Wilson.  He described his work as a storyteller and told us about his return to live music performance and the re-release of a recording of his from the 1990’s.  Tony is a really inspirational speaker and charismatic storyteller but he is also a fine singer, guitarist and banjo player.  We also had a visit from Martin Devlin, who has managed the Bilton Hall Boxing Club for many years.  Martin told us all about the clubs history and it’s importance to so many young people from Jarrow.  We also heard from Ethan, who is a boxer with the club but also helps out with coaching and mentoring of the younger members of the club.  Diane interviewed Alison Berry, Slimmer’s World Slimmer of the Year.  Alison told Diane all about her journey and how she has achieved so much.  All of these interviews are being currently broadcast on Hive Radio.