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Hive Radio

Hive Radio works with local schools and community groups to produce work that can be featured on a community radio slot and podcast. Members of the Hive team can work with Schools and Community groups by arranging visits, holding workshops or road shows at the groups own location.  The work produced could be on subjects that are important to the individual groups which may include features that present local concerns, local events, and performances such as music or drama. These may be recordings that are broadcast on Hive Radio or produced into digital stories that can be uploaded onto social media, YouTube or your own website which can showcase the work of the group, what is happening in the area or a story you want to tell.


Students can demonstrate understanding of an area of the curriculum by creating content for a radio show.  An endless range of subject areas can be readily brought to life through the medium of radio.  Imagine a radio show on what pupils have been studying rather than the standard essay, report or slide-show presentation. Our unique offer also gives your students the opportunity to listen to the programme they created with their parents in their own home via the internet.

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