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The aim of our radio station is to give people a voice, a platform and the opportunity to make and listen to radio programmes that matter to them, entertain them and inspire them.

Hive Radio

We are committed to and passionate about making radio shows that people want to listen to and that champion their cultural heritage and we want everyone to be part of it.

We provide a platform for local people to inform the community of news and events which are of interest to our target audience and pride ourselves on being in a position to offer an accessible medium where people can talk to others from their neighbourhood, about issues which concern them. Having the ability to focus on the North East allows us the ability to provide localised programming; local music, events and developing issues. We therefore have the capacity to provide content and entertainment relevant to those in the surrounding area.

Our radio station is completely portable so that workshops can be delivered in your school.

We deliver workshops to schools.

Promote your group and build confidence in your members with one of our workshops.

We work with other community groups

Your business could devise its own radio programme as part of a team building day.

We deliver team building days.


Jarrow March 1936